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Atlantic Oceanographic and
Meteorological Laboratory

4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149 U.S.A.
Tel: (305) 361-4450
Fax: (305) 361-4449

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[Ocean/Climate:lightning/bird flying in sunset]AOML research related to Oceans and Climate is critical to understanding and predicting seasonal to decadal shifts in weather patterns and are used in studies to understand dynamical processes in the global ocean/atmosphere coupled system. AOML scientists monitor and study fluxuations in the currents within the Atlantic Ocean and their relationship to climatic events ranging from US rainfall rates to hurricane development.

[Coastal/Regional:mangrove inlet image] AOML coastal research is important in assessing the current and future affect on human activities on our coastal to deep ocean and atmospheric environments. Research projects range from salinity manitoring in Florida Bay to measuring rainfall using underwater acoustic devices.

[Tropical Meteorology:plane in storm image]
AOML's hurricane research aims to improve forecasts and advance the basic physical understanding of hurricanes and tropical meteorology. A key aspect of AOML's hurricane research is its annual program of research flights aboard reconnaissance aircraft (two WP-3D turboprops and a new Gulfstream IV SP jet) flown by NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center.

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