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Two cruises were undertaken on the NOAA R/V Nancy Foster to perform surveys of each of the six TWWP plumes, in 2006 and 2008.

The cruise track for the 2006 cruise (October 8-17) is shown below.  Samples were obtained at each of the outfalls as well as sites removed from the immediate boil areas.  Note the surface expression of the plume.  Measurements of nitrate and nitrite were obtained at most of the effluent boils.  The cruise included multibeam scans, nutrient and biological sample analyses, and three-dimensional nutrient surveys.  Water samples were obtained for chemical and biological analysis.  Multi-beam surveys were performed to determine the precise location of the outfall pipe end locations.  Three dimensional plume investigations were performed, where vertical profiles of water physical and chemical  parameters were obtained at various locations up-current of the outfall plume. Results are provided in a NOAA Technical Report (PDF). 

Cruise track, Nancy Foster 2006 cruise

NF-2006 Cruise, October 8-17, 2006

A second cruise was undertaken in October of 2008.  Leg 1 of this cruise was performed to obtain water samples off the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for nutrient and stable isotope analysis.  Leg 2 was a second survey of all six TWWP outfalls.  These results will be available as a NOAA data report in 2011.

Cruise track, Nancy Foster 2008 cruise

 NF-2008 Cruise, February 4-16, 2008.