Flux Experiments at the Boynton Inlet

The FACE program conducted two 48-hour sampling intensive studies at the Boynton Inlet. Each involved multiple samples taken over a 2-day period, with four outgoing (ebb tide) and four incoming (flood tide) pulses of flow. The intensives were conduced on June 3-4 and September 26-28, 2007. These samples were investigated for chemical and biological properties. In addition, high-quality water flow measurements were conducted.

Samples were obtained from the Boynton Inlet bridge (photo) or at the south side of the inlet. Samples obtained from different positions on the bridge showed that that the water was well mixed across the Inlet.

The 48-hour intensive studies were complemented by flow data from the Boynton Inlet Flow Experiment (BinFlo). The flow through the Inlet was measured for a time period exceeding one year (February 2007 through October 2008) using a calibrated horizontally-directed acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP).

Results on the Program will be available in a NOAA technical report in 2011.

Map showing Boynton Inlet and Lake Worth Lagoon.

Figure 1. Maps showing the Boynton Inlet, South Central Outfall, and Lake Worth Lagoon.