Deployment opportunities for ARGO floats in the Atlantic:

Deployment from the Skogafoss:
The Skogafoss is a vessel operated by the Icelandic company EIMSKIP. Its route is year-long from
Reykjavik (Iceland) to Argentia (Newfoundland) and from there to other east coast Canadian
and US ports including Everett and Norfolk and then back to Canada. Between Iceland and Newfoundland
the route varies in time and crosses 60N at various longitudes within the Irminger Sea.
Skogafoss route
Scientific observers embark on board the ship at Reykjavik to Argentia at least 4 times per year and

can be asked to deploy profiling floats from aft preferably while the ship is moving. The crew has
experience deploying drifters, launching XBTs and doing rawinsondes for the Icelandic Met. Office.



Deployment from the Nuka Arctica
The Nuka Arctica is a vessel operated by the Greenland-based company Royal Arctic Line. Its route from 
May to December 2006 will be between Aalborg (Denmark) to Cape Farewell and various ports on GreenlandÆs
west coast with occasional calls in Reykjavik (Iceland). It usually crosses between the Faeroes and
Cape Farewell at latitudes between 59N and 62N (see map below).
The crew is used to collect water samples and to do rawinsondes for the Danish Met. Office. 
Occasional dropping of profiling floats can probably be arranged for a small fee.

Deployments from the Graviluck cruise:

The cruise will be done between the 6th and the 31st of August 2006
near 31W - 35N (mid-Atlantic Ridge near the Lucky Strike segment) south and southwest of the

Ship: Atalante

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