May 2015 Employee and Team Member of the Month

May 2015 Employee and Team Member of the Month (OAR): Jay Harris

This month's employee and team member of the month keep NOAA's mission-critical computer systems running using creative and innovative techniques and solutions.

Jay Harris is in charge of computer and IT support for more than 50 scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and administrative personnel in the Physical Oceanography Division at NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) within OAR. Jay has worked diligently for 28 years to keep their computer systems operational and he always responds rapidly, efficiently, and creatively to any computer emergencies that arise. As a result of his efforts, his division is able to successfully conduct NOAA mission-critical science with minimal computer-related interruptions. Jay is even known to respond to, and solve, computer-related crises over weekends and during vacations. He is uniquely able to find solutions for computer hardware failures and frequently comes up with temporary solutions that allow for research operations to continue uninterrupted until a more permanent solution can be achieved.