AOML personnel celebrating Earth Day 2015 on land and at sea!

The Second leg of GO-SHIP Repeat Hydrography cruise P16N started Monday, May 25 after a short delay for repairs to the ship and set sail from Honolulu, Hawaii on its way to Kodiak, Alaska. It will continue the northern line of 152W meridian in the Pacific Ocean, beginning with the reoccupation of station 113 where the first leg concluded. GO-SHIP brings together a network of scientists interested in the physics, chemistry and biology of the interior regions of the ocean with a focus on how the system is changing. This cruise began April 10 from Tahiti, made a stop in Hawaii on May 14-24 and will end in Kodiak on June 27. Continuing their work from the first leg are Andy Stefanick and James Hooper, leading the efforts associated with CTD instrumentation, observations, deployments, bottle salinity analysis, and processing. Also continuing the cruise is Charles Fischer with nutrient analysis, and joining this leg are Bob Castle with DIC analysis and Chris Langdon with oxygen analysis. Adding to this leg's operations are nightly Bongo net tows and Cesium casts. The second leg has started off smoothly with no issues to report.