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Physical Oceanography Division

PhOD Employees at the South Florida Federal Executive Board's Employee of the Year

Two PhOD employees have been recognized by the South Florida Federal Executive Board Employee of the Year Award. Mr. Andrew Stefanick has been nominated in the Professional and Technology/IT categories, and Dr. Chunzai Wang has been nominated and won the Scientific Category.

Dr. Chunzai Wang (right) was recognized for professional excellence and exceptional scientific productivity. During 2012, he authored and co-authored 22 papers, three of which were highlighted in Science, Nature and Nature Geoscience. His research provided significant advances in our understanding of the ocean's role in extreme weather events and long-term climate. While maintaining incredible productivity, he has also served as an Editor for Journal of Geophysical Research (Oceans) and an Associate Editor for Journal of Climate.

Mr. Andrew Stefanick (left), a physical scientist in the Instrumentation Development Group of the AOML Physical Oceanography Division, was nominated in the Professional and Technology/IT categories. Mr. Stefanick's nomination was due in part to his technical expertise as a Physical Scientist and professionalism at sea, which has contributed significantly to the success of numerous field expeditions in support of field programs conducted by AOML. During the past fiscal year, Mr. Stefanick designed and built an important piece of scientific infrastructure for the laboratory, an enhanced Conductivity Temperature Depth frame. With the new and innovative frame, the laboratory will be more efficiently able to collect high-quality data during field expeditions in support of programs that address NOAA priorities.