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Transition of the Global Drifter Array from Argos to Iridium transmissions

NOAA's Global Drifter Program is transitioning the array from Argos to Iridium, and including the newer Iridium data in its quality-controlled data set. Full story>>


Argentina-US Ocean Science Meeting Opens Doors for Collaboration

Drs. Gustavo Goni and Silvia Garzoli of AOML, together with 18 other scientists from the US, participated in the Argentina-US Ocean Science Meeting in Mar del Plata, Argentina during the week of August 22nd. Dr. Goni was the co-organizer of the meeting on the US side, while Dr. Garzoli led a science panel on ocean observations. Full story>>


NOAA 2016 Administrator's and Technology Transfer Awards winners and April 2016 NOAA Employee & Team Member of the Month

The recipients of the NOAA’s 2016 Administrator’s and Technology Transfer Awards winners for the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research are: Pedro Pena, Francis Bringas, Ulises Rivero and Gustavo Goni. For developing and implementing an Iridium-based real-time transmission system for oceanographic and meteorological observations from ships. Full story>>


AOML Researchers Attend First NOAA's Emerging Technologies Workshop

Several AOML researchers attended First NOAA's Emerging Technologies Workshop in Full story>>


Underwater Gliders Deployed for Atlantic Hurricane Season

The gliders enable researchers to study the thermal structure of the upper ocean in regions linked to the rapid intensification of tropical cyclones. Full story>>


AOML scientists lead and participate in workshop on South Atlantic circulation

Drs. Christopher Meinen and Renellys Perez of AOML's Physical Oceanography Division led a one-day workshop for the international South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation ("SAMOC") initiative on February 21, 2016 in New Orleans, LA. Full story>>

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