Research Hints at How Marine Debris Accumulates in the Ocean

AOML oceanographer Rick Lumpkin, along with researchers from the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School, have developed a model that simulates the trajectory of floating marine debris at the ocean surface. Full story>>


2017 PhOD Summer Interns

For the summer of 2017, the Physical Oceanography Division of AOML is hosting three students from the Maritime and Science Technology (MAST) Academy. Full story>>


PIRATA/AEROSE Cruise Surveys the Tropical Atlantic

Scientists with AOML's Physical Oceanography Division participated in the 2017 Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Atlantic (PIRATA) Northeast Extension/ Saharan Dust AERosols and Ocean Science Expeditions (AEROSE) cruise aboard the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown from February 19-March 25. Full story>>


Global Drifter Program Marks Iridium Milestone

On March 13, the Global Drifter Program (GDP) at AOML marked a milestone in its transition from Service Argos to Iridium for its array of surface drifting buoys: more than 50% of the array is now being tracked with the Iridium satellite system. Full story>>


Scientific Employee of the Year

AOML oceanographer Dr. Sang-Ki Lee was selected as the Scientific Employee of the Year on May 12 at the 52nd annual Federal Employee of the Year awards ceremony hosted by the South Florida Federal Executive Board. Full story>>

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