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Western Boundary Time Series Cruise Extends Decades-Long Data Series

Research has shown that changes in the Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC) are correlated with variations in socially important environmental conditions such as coastal sea levels, surface air temperature and precipitation patterns, and extreme weather dynamics such as hurricane intensification. Full story>>


2017 NOAA Administrator's Award

Libby Johns and Ryan Smith (AOML), John Lamkin and Trika Gerard (SEFSC), and Aras Zyhas (OMAO) received a NOAA Administrator's Award Full story>>


Field Work

A new hurricane glider mission is currently underway in the Caribbean Sea and the Tropical North Atlantic. Full story>>


Research Hints at How Marine Debris Accumulates in the Ocean

AOML oceanographer Rick Lumpkin, along with researchers from the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School, have developed a model that simulates the trajectory of floating marine debris at the ocean surface. Full story>>


2017 PhOD Summer Interns

For the summer of 2017, the Physical Oceanography Division of AOML is hosting three students from the Maritime and Science Technology (MAST) Academy. Full story>>

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