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    Please Read Carefully


    1)      Before deployment, remove ONLY the plastic shrink-wrap.

    2)      DO NOT REMOVE the paper tape securing the drogue and/or tether. Likewise, DO NOT REMOVE the cardboard surrounding the float.


    WARNING: DO NOT REMOVE the paper tape securing the tether and drogue. If you do, the drogue and/or tether can unfurl during deployment
    and may cause injury!


    3)      Record the ID number listed on the drifter.This number can be found on the shipping container, the

    plastic shrink-wrap, or the protective cardboard box. It is also listed on the surface float itself.


    4)      Deploy the buoy from the stern, at lowest possible deck (preferably less than 10 meters, including heave), into the sea.
    The ship may be traveling between 1 and 20 knots. The tether and drogue are secured with paper tape that will dissolve in the water.


    5)      Record the date, time (GMT), coordinates at deployment, and deployment details, then email this

    information to the Global Drifter Program.


    Thank you kindly for your assistance!


    Log Sheet


    Ship Name: _____________________


    Drifter ID #      Date                Time (GMT)          Latitude                   Longitude

    xxxxxxxxxx  mm/dd/yyyy        hh:mm         DD      N/S       DDD  E/W


    _______          ____/____/____  ____:____     ____ _______ __      ____ ________ __



    Deployed From:   Starboard / Port     Ship Speed: _____knots

    Mid-Ship / Stern      Height Above Mean Sea Level ____meters


    Submit deployment information to:


    Shaun Dolk



    Web Submission: