US Argo Data Assembly Center
Processing System

The Role of AOML in Argo

  1. USA Argo Data Assembly Center (US DAC)

  2. US Atlantic Deployments

  3. South Atlantic Argo Regional Center (SAARC)

  4. Collaborative Efforts

USA Argo Data Assembly Center (US DAC)

    • Development and Implementation

      • Develop decoders for new instrument types

      • Adapt the processing system to new instrument types

      • Adapt processing system to new requirements from the International Data Management Team

    • Operations

      • Process real-time data and delayed-mode NetCDF files

      • Monitor daily electronic mail processing reports and solve problems

      • Add new floats to the data stream

      • Data tracking

      • Maintain website with operational products and documentation

      • Maintain mirror system at CLS to ensure the data are always sent to GTS in a 24/7 mode.

    • Data Distribution

      • Automatic FTP transmission of data in TESAC and BUFR format to GTS gateway

      • Automatic FTP transmission of NetCDF files to Global Data Centers

      • Automatic FTP transmission of data files to FTP Site of the US DAC for Principal Investigators

      • Maintain operational database of the USA DAC

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US Atlantic Deployments

    • Deployment coordination in the Atlantic (with international partners)

    • Deployment of floats in the Atlantic

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South Atlantic Argo Regional Center (SAARC)

    • Perform last stage of the quality control to ensure the consistency of all profiles collected in the Tropical and South Atlantic

    • Collaborate with countries adjacent to the SAARC region that is targeted at finding float deployment opportunities

    • Educate local scientists during capacity building workshops in countries adjacent to the SAARC region that are interested in using Argo data

    • Display products in the SAARC region on the Web

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Collaborative Efforts

    • Member of International Argo Steering Team

    • Member of International Argo Data Management Team, including Executive Committee

    • Member of US Argo Panel

    • Contribute to discussions related to data quality and formats

    • Networking with centers and/or institutions

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