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Metadata for Float Type: SOLO_TS2

internal ID number                      177
transmission ID number                  11912
transmission type                       ARGOS
instrument type                         SOLO_TS2
ARGOS program number                    13281
WMO ID number                           1900035
WMO instrument type (table 1770)        851
WMO recorder type (table 4770)          60
start time [dd mm yyyy hh mm (Z)]       21 09 2001 15 10
status of start time                    as recorded
launch time [dd mm yyyy hh mm (Z)]      23 09 2001 03 24
status of launch time                   as recorded
launch position [lat latm lon lonm]     20. 0. -40. -31.3
status of launch position               as recorded
delay of first down time [hours]        37
cycle time [days]                       10.008
descent time [hours]                    8.536
neutral depth time [days]               8.296
ascent time [hours]                     8.536
surface time [hours]                    24.01
transmission repetition rate [sec]      60.0058
clock drift [hours/hours]               0
last cycle                              n/a
calib eq 1 for pressure                 P = CNTS*PGAIN+POFF
calib eq 2 for pressure                 IF BIN<=PB1 P = BIN*BLOK
calib eq 3 for pressure                 IF PB1<BIN<=PB2 P = (BIN-PB1)*AV1*BLOK+P(PB1)
calib eq 4 for perssure                 IF BIN>PB2 P = (BIN-PB2)*AV2*BLOK+P(PB2)
calib coef for pressure                 BLOK=10;AV1=2;AV2=5;PB1=20;PB2=30;PGAIN=0.5000;POFF= -10.0
calib eq 1 for temperature              T = (CNTS*TGAIN+TOFF)/1000
calib coef for temperature              TGAIN=8.00;TOFF=0.00
calib eq 1 for salinity                 S = (CNTS*SGAIN+SOFF)/1000
calib coef for salinity                 SGAIN=8.000;SOFF=32000.00
calib eq 1 for cpu voltage              VCPU = CPUGAIN*CNTS+CPUOFF
calib coef for cpu voltage              CPUGAIN=0.027;CPUOFF=0.03
calib eq 1 for pump voltage             VPMP = PMP_GAIN*CNTS+PMP_OFF
calib coef for pump voltage             PMP_GAIN=0.063;PMP_OFF=0.44
conductivity calibration date           27 02 2001
temperature calibration date            27 02 2001
pressure calibration date               22 02 2001
float manufacturer                      WHOI
float serial number                     00085
PI                                      Breck Owens
principal investigator address          WHOI, Woods Hole
originating country                     USA
float deployer                          n/a
float deployer address                  NOAA, AOML, Miami
deployment type                         VOS
deployment platform                     n/a
deployment cruise id                    AX8
profile at deployment                   n/a
nominal drift pressure [dbar]           1000
cycles for drift pressure               1
nominal profile pressure [dbar]         1000
cycles for profile pressure             1
Profile Sampling Method                 Continuous
temperature sensor type                 n/a
temperature sensor manufacturer         SBE
temperature sensor serial number        0070
conductivity sensor type                n/a
conductivity sensor manufacturer        SBE
conductivity sensor serial number       0070
pressure sensor type                    n/a
pressure sensor manufacturer            Paines
pressure sensor serial number           2657710621
ROM version                             SB5.22  1 2001
battery type                            Lithium
initial battery voltage [volt]          15.
comment                                 n/a