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Metadata for Float Type: APEX_TS5

internal ID number                      54
transmission ID number                  16746
transmission type                       ARGOS
instrument type                         APEX_TS5
ARGOS program number                    12281
WMO ID number                           39035
WMO instrument type (table 1770)        846
WMO recorder type (table 4770)          60
start time [dd mm yyyy hh mm (Z)]       03 11 2000 12 00
status of start time                    n/a
launch time [dd mm yyyy hh mm (Z)]      03 11 2000 12 21
status of launch time                   n/a
launch position [lat latm lon lonm]     -12.20 0. -130.00 0.
status of launch position               n/a
delay of first down time [hours]        06
down time [days]                        10.
up time [hours]                         18.
transmission repetition rate [sec]      51.9968
clock drift [hours/hours]               0
last cycle                              n/a
calib eq 1 for salinity                 sslope*cnts+soff
calib coef for salinity                 SSLOPE=0.001; SOFF=0.0;
calib eq 1 for temperature              tslope*cnts+toff
calib coef for temperature              TSLOPE=0.001; TOFF=0.0;
calib eq 1 for pressure                 pslope*cnts+poff
calib coef for pressure                 PSLOPE=0.1; POFF=0.0;
calib eq 1 for voltage                  vslope*cnts+voff
calib coef for voltage                  VSLOPE=0.1; VOFF=0.6;
calib eq 1 for vacuum                   vacslope*cnts+vacoff
calib coef for vacuum                   VACSLOPE=-0.376; VACOFF=29.15;
conductivity calibration date           n/a
temperature calibration date            n/a
pressure calibration date               n/a
float manufacturer                      Webb
float serial number                     421
PI                                      Steve Riser
principal investigator address          UW, Seattle
originating country                     USA
float deployer                          n/a
float deployer address                  n/a
deployment type                         R/V
deployment platform                     Melville
deployment cruise id                    Peru to Tahiti
profile at deployment                   n/a
nominal drift pressure [dbar]           n/a
cycles for drift pressure               n/a
nominal profile pressure [dbar]         n/a
cycles for profile pressure             n/a
pump type                               260ml
conductivity sensor type                SBE41
conductivity sensor manufacturer        SBE
conductivity sensor serial number       n/a
Profile Sampling Method                 n/a
temperature sensor type                 n/a
temperature sensor manufacturer         n/a
temperature sensor serial number        n/a
pressure sensor type                    n/a
pressure sensor manufacturer            n/a
pressure sensor serial number           n/a
battery type                            n/a
initial battery voltage [volt]          n/a
ROM version                             051900
comment                                 n/a