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Metadata for Float Type: APEX_TS24

internal ID number                      1908
transmission ID number                  67209
transmission type                       ARGOS
instrument type                         APEX_TS24
ARGOS program number                    12281
WMO ID number                           5901344
WMO instrument type (table 1770)        846
WMO recorder type (table 4770)          60
start time [dd mm yyyy hh mm (Z)]       31 08 2006 19 00
status of start time                    as recorded
launch time [dd mm yyyy hh mm (Z)]      31 08 2006 21 17
status of launch time                   as recorded
launch position [lat latm lon lonm]     2. 1.0 -156. -0.0
status of launch position               as recorded
delay of first down time [hours]        06
down time [days]                        9.25
up time [hours]                         22.
transmission repetition rate [sec]      44.
clock drift [hours/hours]               0
last cycle                              n/a
calib eq 1 for salinity                 sslope*cnts+soff
calib coef for salinity                 SSLOPE=0.001; SOFF=0.0;
calib eq 1 for temperature              tslope*cnts+toff
calib coef for temperature              TSLOPE=0.001; TOFF=0.0;
calib eq 1 for pressure                 pslope*cnts+poff
calib coef for pressure                 PSLOPE=0.1; POFF=0.0;
calib eq 1 for voltage                  vslope*cnts+voff
calib coef for voltage                  VSLOPE=0.0769; VOFF=0.4615;
calib eq 1 for vacuum                   vacslope*cnts+vacoff
calib coef for vacuum                   VACSLOPE=0.2933; VACOFF=-30.0962;
conductivity calibration date           28 04 2006
temperature calibration date            28 04 2006
pressure calibration date               05 04 2006
float manufacturer                      Webb
float serial number                     2872
PI                                      Stephen Riser
principal investigator address          UW, Seattle
originating country                     USA
float deployer                          n/a
float deployer address                  UW, Seattle
deployment type                         R/V
deployment platform                     Kilo Moana
deployment cruise id                    n/a
profile at deployment                   n/a
nominal drift pressure [dbar]           2000
cycles for drift pressure               1
nominal profile pressure [dbar]         2000
cycles for profile pressure             1
Profile Sampling Method                 discrete
pump type                               260ml
conductivity sensor type                SBE41
conductivity sensor manufacturer        SBE
conductivity sensor serial number       2859
temperature sensor type                 SBE41
temperature sensor manufacturer         SBE
temperature sensor serial number        2859
pressure sensor type                    2900 PSIA
pressure sensor manufacturer            DRUCK
pressure sensor serial number           10068
battery type                            Alkaline and Lithium
initial battery voltage [volt]          15.3
ROM version                             010706
Board serial number                     5122
Board version                           APF-9a
comment                                 n/a