Argo is an international program that calls for the deployment of 3,000 free drifting profiling floats, distributed over the global oceans, which will measure the temperature and salinity in the upper 2,000 m of the ocean providing 100,000 T/S profiles and reference velocity measurements per year.

This allows continuous monitoring of the state of the ocean, with all data being made publicly available within hours after collection, for scientific use and assimilation into weather forecasting and climate prediction models

AOML responsibilities in the Argo program are as follows:

  • Hosting the US Argo Data Acquisition Center
  • Providing platforms and deploying the US Argo Atlantic floats
  • Maintaining the South Atlantic Argo Regional Cente

Official versions of Argo data lie on the Global Data Centers (GODAE and IFREMER) and the Argo Information Centre is the official site for information and support about the Argo program.

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