Other Important Documents


A Biscayne Bay Strategic Science Plan - January 2002

A Synthesis of Research on Florida Bay - April 2003

Central and Southern Florida Project Comprehensive Review Study Hydrologic Performance Measures ("RESTUDY")

Everglades Consolidated Report - January 2000 (Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader here)

Everglades Interim Report (Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader here)

Florida Bay Program Management Committee - Report to the Florida Bay Science Oversight Panel on Program Recommendations - 1998

Florida Bay Science Oversight Panel Reports

Implementation Plan - Science Program for Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems May 1999 - DRAFT

Interagency Strategic Science Plan

Performance Measures for Florida Bay - May 2002 - DRAFT
     Geographic Zones Map, click HERE
     Florida Bay/Florida Keys Feasibility Study Boundary Map, click HERE

PMC Comments on the "RESTUDY" Draft Feasibility Report

Predictive Models for Florida Bay, the Florida Keys and the Southwest Coast - DRAFT

Research Team Reports

South Florida Ecosystem Restoration - Scientific Information Needs in the Southern Coastal Areas: Progress and Update

Topical Workshop Reports

Water Quality Model of Florida Bay - September 2000