SFERPM FY97-FY99: Funded Research

Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric Science

Frank Marks and Paul Willis
Monitoring and Evaluation of Radar Measured Rainfall Over Florida Bay and the Everglades

Craig Mattocks
Simulations of Regional Climatic Patterns which Impact the Florida Bay Water Cycle

Ogden et al.
A Workplan for Continued Operation, Maintenance, and Enhancement of the SEAKEYS Environmental Monitoring Network: Florida Bay and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
John Ogden, Sandra Vargo, and James Hendee)

Coral Reef Monitoring

Coral Reef Monitoring. Click on picture for Credit Information

Earth Science

Earth Science.

Nelsen et al.
The Sediment Record as a Monitor of Natural and Anthropogenic Changes in the Lower Everglades/Florida Bay Ecosystem: A High Resolution Study
Terry Nelsen, Patricia Blackwelder, Harold Wanless, John Trefry, Peter Swart, and Lenore Tedesco)

George Jackson and Adrian Burd
Development of Models to Describe Ecosystem Interactions in Florida Bay

Ecological Modeling

Ecological Modeling.

Marine Chemistry

Marine Chemistry.

Frank Millero and Jia-Zhong Zhang
The Role of Suspended Calcium Carbonate in the Phosphorus Cycle in Florida Bay

Burnett et al.
The Role of Groundwater Nutrient Fluxes in the Nutrient Budget of Florida Bay
(William Burnett, Jeffrey Chanton, Thomas Juster, Larry Brand, and Zafer Top)

Gary L. Hitchcock and Gabriel Vargo
Circulation, Nutrient Influx, and Phytoplankton Growth in Florida Bay

Szmant et al.
Pools and Fluxes of Nutrients in Florida Bay Sediments, and Biological and Chemical Barriers to Flux at the Sediment-Water Interface
(Alina Szmant, Larry Brand, Paul Carlson, and Laura Yarbro)

Pai-Yei Whung and Tilden Meyers
Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen and Phosphorus



Physical Oceanography

Physical Oceanography.

Aikman et al.
Regional Boundary Conditions for Florida Bay
(Frank Aikman III, William O'Connor, and George Mellor)

Lee et al.
Circulation and Exchange of Florida Bay and the Connecting Waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Keys
(Thomas Lee, Elizabeth Johns, and Doug Wilson)

Ned Smith
Field Observations to Initialize and Verify Computer Simulations of Florida Bay Circulation

Dagg et al.
Trophic Pathways in the Pelagic Environment of Florida Bay
(Michael Dagg, Gary Kleppel, and Peter Ortner)


Plankton. Click on picture for Credit Information

Recruitment Dyn./Fisheries


Don Hoss and Gordon Thayer
Fish Recruitment, Growth, and Habitat Use in Florida Bay


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