NOAA's South Florida Ecosystem Research and Monitoring Program (SFP) - FY02


Circulation and Physical Oceanography


*Tom Lee, Elizabeth Johns and Vassiliki Kourafalou - Florida Bay Inner Basins Circulation Study, click HERE


Nutrient Inputs and Dynamics


*Jeffrey Cornwell and Michael Kemp - Nitrogen and Phosphorus Mass Balance Models and Nutrient Biogeochemistry in Florida Bay, click HERE


*Marugerite Koch, Christopher Madden and Melody Hunt - Nutrient Cycling by Seagrasses and Epiphytes in Florida Bay, click HERE


*Cynthia Heil, David Hollander and Patricia Glibert - From Source to Sink: Assessment and Monitoring of Dissolved Nitrogen Cycling Within Florida Bay, click HERE


*Rudolf Jaffe, Joseph Boyer, Susan Dailey and Daniel Childers - Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in the Florida Coastal Everglades: Molecular Biogeochemistry, Bioavailability, and Potential Contribution to the Microbial Loop, click HERE


Water Quality


*Ned Smith and Joseph Boyer - Nutrient Mass Fluxes between Florida Bay and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary through Florida Keys Passes, click HERE


Fisheries and Protected Resources


*Carrollyn Cox, William Sharp and John Hunt Monitoring Spiny Lobster in FKNMS Protected Zones, click HERE


*Mark Butler and John Hunt - Regional Assessment of Sponge Dynamics and Sponge Fishery Impacts, click HERE


*James Bohnsack and Jerald Ault - Reef Fish Community Dynamics and Linkages with Florida Bay, click HERE


*William Richards, Cynthia Yeung, Maria Criales and David Jones - Upstream Larval Supply to Florida Bay - the Dry Tortugas Connection, click HERE


*Jonathan Hare, Lawrence Settle and Mark Wuenschel - Development of Spatially-Explicit Models to Predict Growth-Potential of Age-0 Gray Snapper, Lutjanus griseus, in Florida Bay During Restoration of Freshwater Flows, click HERE


*Barbara Schroeder, Allen Foley and Blair Witherington - Population Studies, Abundance, Habitat Use, Trophic Descriptions, and Reproductive Status of Marine Turtles Inhabiting Florida Bay, click HERE


*Joan Browder, Steven Wong, Maria Criales, John Wang, Michael Robblee and Clinton Hittle - Modeling Pink Shrimp Recruitment from Florida Bay, click HERE


Florida Keys Habitat Characterization and Research


*Jim Fourqurean, Long-Term Monitoring of Seagrasses in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, click HERE


*Jennifer Wheaton and Walt Jaap, Coral Reef Evaluation and Monitoring Project, click HERE


*John Ogden, Struan Smith, Richard Aronson and Margaret Miller, Ecological Processes and Coral Reef Recovery in the Florida Keys, click HERE


*Elizabeth Johns, Peter Ortner, James Hendee, Thomas Lee and Vassilike Kourafalou - Real-Time Oceanographic Observations in the FKNMS, click HERE


Long-Term Monitoring


Peter Ortner, Elizabeth Johns, Tom Lee and Vassiliki Kourafalou - Interdisciplinary Coastal Oceanographic Observations, click HERE


Program Management


Peter Ortner and Dawn Marie Boyer, South Florida Ecosystem Research and Monitoring Program (SFP) Coordination Office, click HERE




Projects with an asterisk (*) are funded through a competitive announcement of opportunity.







Last Updated September , 2002