AOML's Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division


➤ Postdoctoral Associate
➤ 305-361-4368

Dr. Xaymara Serrano is a postdoctoral research associate working in a project which aims to investigate the synergistic effects of nutrient enrichment and elevated sea surface temperatures (SST) on the ecology, genetics and photo-physiology of Caribbean reef corals during early stages of life. The goal of her project is to assess the thermal sensitivity of new coral recruits after exposure to different nutrient levels, and use various molecular and ecological techniques to monitor how coral recruits change the density of their algal symbionts in response to changes in nutrients, and how these changes subsequently affect thermal tolerance. Dr. Serrano earned her Ph.D. from the University of Miamiís Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in 2013, where she studied connectivity among Caribbean reef corals from deep and shallow environments.