Fig. 1 Selected wind observations and proposed best track maximum sustained surface wind speed curve for name/dates. Aircraft observations have been adjusted for elevation using 90%, 80%, and 80% reduction factors for observations from 700 mb, 850 mb, and 1500 ft, respectively.

Fig. 2. Pressure best track for Hurricane Andrew.




Fig. 3. Original wind best track for Andrew.


Fig. 4. Cell-track velocities during Andrew's landfall from the Miami radar.

Fig. 5. Best-track pressure-wind data from Brown and Franklin (2002). Circles are NHC best track pressure-wind pairs from 1997-2001 when reconnaissance data were present. Black line is best fit curve to these data. Dashed blue line is the operational pressure-wind relationship used by NHC. Purple X's are the wind-pressure pairs from the proposed Andrew revision for wind speeds of at least 125 kt.