The author thanks Bob Tuleya and Morris Bender of GFDL for instructions in running the GFDL hurricane model, and Bert Katz, Hua-Lu Pan, Mark Iredell, John Derber, and Dennis Keyser of NCEP for their instruction in running various parts of the NCEP GDAS. Further thanks go to Tim Marchok of NCEP for implementing the tropical cyclone tracking algorithm for the GSM, and Mary McCann for helping in data acquisition and computer support on the NCEP computers. The support of Eugenia Kalnay and Stephen Lord of NCEP, especially in the use of the NCEP computer resources, was invaluable. Steven Feuer of HRD did much of the dropwindsonde post-processing, and Bob Kohler and Bill Barry provided computer support and guidance at HRD. The author also thanks the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) flight crews and dropwindsonde operators, and Sean White, AOC G-IV project manager, HRD personnel who participated in the flights, and Naomi Surgi of TPC. Congressional funding for the G-IV was a result of the dedicated efforts of Dr. Robert Sheets, Director of the National Hurricane Center from 1988-1995. Special thanks is due Jimmy Franklin, now of TPC, for his work on the original synoptic flow experiments at HRD, and under whose leadership at HRD the synoptic surveillance missions were ultimately designed and completed. A special debt of gratitude is owed to Robert Burpee, who originated the concept of the Synoptic Flow Experiments, supported them as Director of the Hurricane Research Division, and under whose leadership at the Tropical Prediction Center the operational dropwindsonde missions became a reality.

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