Mission Summary
20120816H1 Aircraft 42RF
Ocean Heat mission

Aircraft Crew (42RF)
Aircraft Commander
Flight Engineer
Flight Director
Flight Director
Flight Director
Data Technician
Electronics Technician
Electronics Technician
Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lead ScientistBenjamin Jaimes (RSMAS)
AXBT ScientistJodi Brewster (RSMAS)
AXBT ScientistRyan Schuster (RSMAS)

Proposed track

Mission Plan :

NOAA 42RF will fly a mission over the Gulf of Mexico in order to sample the ocean heat content and extent of the Loop Current. Plans are to launch 21 AXBTs, 21 AXCPs, and 15 AXCTDs to help define the eddies. In additon there will be 5 AXBTs paired in combo launches with dropsondes. The P3 will leave MacDill AFB, FL 1400 UTC and will recover back at MacDill by 2230 UTC.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
MacDill AFB, FL14:00 UTC MacDill AFB, FL22:30 UTC

Problems :

Mission Data :

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