Mission Summary
20110805H1 Aircraft 42RF
Tail Doppler Radar Mission Tropical Storm Emily

Aircraft Crew (42RF)
Aircraft Commander
Flight Director
Flight Director
Electronics Technician
AVAPS Operator
Dropsonde Operator
Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lead ScientistRob Rogers
Radar ScientistPaul Reasor
Dropsonde ScientistKathryn Sellwood

Mission Plan :

NOAA 42RF will fly an EMC-tasked Tail Doppler Radar mission into Tropical Storm Emily. The P-3 will leave MacDill AFB, FL 2000 UTC and will recover back at MacDill AFB, FL by 0400 UTC the next day.

Mission Summary :

This mission was cancelled when Emily dissipated on the afternoon of August 4. Deploying HRD personel were recalled.

Problems :

Mission Data :

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