Mission Summary
20100904I1 Aircraft 43RF
Tail Doppler Radar Mission Hurricane Earl

Aircraft Crew (43RF)
Aircraft Commander
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer
Flight Director
Flight Director
Data Technician
Electronics Technician
Dropsonde Operator
Scientific Crew (43RF)
Lead ScientistJoe Cione
Radar ScientistShirley Muriilo
Dropsonde ScientistPaul Leighton

Mission Plan :

NOAA 43RF will ferry home from its missions into Hurricane Earl. The P-3 will leave Richmond, VA at 2000 UTC and will recover at MacDill AFB, FL by 0400 UTC.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
Richmond VA04/20:00 UTC MacDill AFB FL05/04:00 UTC

Problems :

Mission Data :


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