DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE                    
                       Air Force Reserve Command                     

MEMORANDUM FOR ARWO Scheduler                               30 May 12

FROM: 53 WRS Flight Meteorologist                                    

SUBJECT: Mission Summary Report                                      

                G E N E R A L  I N F O R M A T I O N                 
| Mission Type        | Tropical Storm                                       |
| Tasking             | Storm Beryl Re-Emerging off Carolina Coastline       |
| Mission ID          | 5309 0402A BERYL                                     |
| Departure Base/Time | kbix 05/30/12 18:00 *CANCELLED* at 1200Z             |
| Arrival Base/Time   | kbix 05/31/12                                        |
| Flight Time         | 0.0 hours                                            |

                          F I X   P O I N T S              
|                | Latitude  | Longitude  |  SLP  | MWnd |  SWS  |           |
|    Date/Time   | dd mm N/S | ddd mm E/W |   mb  |  kt  |   kt  | Hurricane |
|                |           |            |       |      |       |           |

                      C R E W   R O S T E R                          
|AC   | HUDGINS                                                              |
|CP   | TROTTIER                                                             |
|Nav  | DOBBER                                                               |
|ARWO | GOAT, BRADY                                                          |
|LM   | HLAVAC, BARNAABY                                                     |
|OTHER|                                                                      |

REMARKS: Originally tasked for 18z and 00Z fix as Tropical Depression Beryl emerged off the coast of the Carolinas over warmer waters again. To be flown Low Level... pending what ATC would allow. Originally tasked coordinate was 34.0N 78.5W. Pattern was to be discussed morning of, and could have been Shore Patrol possibly, or modified Alpha Patter looking more like a Bow Tie Pattern, with to-be-determined leg lengths. Beryl was forecast to re intensify back to Tropical Storm strength shortly after re-emerging over water. Cancelled due to storm center right on coast in morning hours, and progged to to follow that course until exiting Cape Hatteras. CONUS Radar providing plenty of storm location data, and land reporting stations reporting all other weather conditions. Storm forecast to only have TS force winds well off shore and only within rain bands over water. Forward speed 12 knots and increasing each hour. By morning, cold front to west of Beryl had caught up with and collided with Beryl, and was pushing the storm to the east quickly while simultaneously starting the extra-tropical transition process. Penetrations Logged: 0 ARWO:____________________________________ Penetrations Verified: Verifier:____________________________________ Penetrations Posted: Awards:____________________________________