NOAA/AOML UOTC Data Pipeline

The Global Temperature Salinity Profile Project (GTSPP) of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission - a World Meteorological Organization, has developed a protocol for the transmission, quality control and distribution of real-time upper ocean temperature (UOT) data collected from volunteer observing ships (VOS).

The Shipboard Environmental data Aquisition System (SEAS) is used to transmit XBT, thermosalinograph and weather observations through the GOES or INMARSAT satellite to the NOAA gateway. The data are then distributed on a daily basis to NCEP for use in short term forecasting, and via the Global Telecommunications System (GTS) to the Marine Environmental Data Service (MEDS) of Canada for quality control.

Three times a week MEDS transmits the data to the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) of the USA. Once per month, NODC transmits the data to the UOT Data Assembly Centers (DAC) at AOML, Scripps and CSIRO for review and analysis.

See the data section of the UOTC home page for access UTOC data.

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