Global Ocean Observing System Center at NOAA/AOML Atlantic SST and SST Anomaly Page
A Joint Project of the CoastWatch Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico Node and the GOOS center at AOML

Welcome to the Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature (SST) GOOS Archive.

 By pressing "Retrieve" on the form below, the system will be queried for the files currently online which match your criteria. Data collection began in Feb 2004. Due to disk space constraints on the server, old daily files may be removed to accommodate the new ones. If you are looking for data or images more than one or two months old, select first the pentad option below. You can display and retrieve daily and pentad (5-day) SST and SST anomaly maps for the Atlantic Ocean. These maps are extracted from POES data provided by the Satellite Active Archive.

Month Day Year
Type Daily
Pentad (5-Day) Composites

Please, address your questions or comments to Joaquin A. Triņanes

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