OACES Data Management

Principal Investigator: Tsung-Hung Peng
Collaborating scientists:
James Hendee, AOML
Richard Feely, PMEL
Objective: To provide an efficient and rapid system for the sharing of data among PIs of the OACES program during a proprietary period, and afterwards with the scientific community at large.
Rationale: Field CO2 data are collected under OACES program to conduct research on processes controlling the rate and amount of CO2 transfer between the ocean and atmosphere, and to assess the ocean storage of CO2 along all CO2 survey lines. Quality assurance and ready access to these data enabled researchers at AOML and PMEL to write timely data reports, as well as publications in respected peer-reviewed journals. Releasing of these quality data to the publics can assure the best use of government funded research results.
Method: Quality control and quality assurance for OACES data have become the first priority in managing the ever increasing size of global ocean CO2 survey results. A highly effective and password protected Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP) area and a World-Wide Web (WWW) access site were instituted to facilitate quick and efficient data transfers.
Accomplishment: The OACES Data Management Group at NOAA/AOML, in cooperation with NOAA/PMEL, came to be a centralized identity for the submission, review, quality control (QC) and dissemination of OACES data, as well as for development of data management ideas and protocols, and the evolution and establishment of a data management policy agreeable to OACES data producers, managers and users. Data available to the publics in this web site and many displays of on-going research results are just examples of the accomplishments produced by this data management group.
Key reference:
Feely, R. A., R. Wanninkhof, C. C. Cosca, P. P. Murphy, M. F. Lamb, and M. D. Steckley, CO2 distributions in the Equatorial Pacific during the 1991-92 ENSO Event, Deep-Sea Res., 42, 365-386, 1995.

Todd, J. F., D. K. Atwood, R. A. Feely and J. R. Toggweiler. Atmosphere-Ocean Exchange of Carbon Dioxide: Implications for Climate and Global Change on Seasonal-to-Century Time Scales. NOAA Climate and Global Change Program Special Report No.3, 1990.

Wanninkhof, R., R. A. Feely, D. K. Atwood, G. A. Berberian, W. D. Wilson, P. P. Murphy, and M. F. Lamb, Seasonal and lateral variations in carbon chemistry of surface water in the eastern equatorial Pacific during 1992, Deep-Sea Res., 42, 387-410, 1995.

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