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AOML Recent Publications

Dong, S., Gille, S.T., & Sprintall, J. (2007). An assessment of the Southern Ocean mixed layer heat budget.
     Journal of Climate, 20(17), 4425-4442.

Jones, T.A., Cecil, D.J., & Dunion, J.P. (2007). The environmental and inner core conditions governing the
      intensity of Hurricane Erin (2001). Weather and Forecasting, 22(4), 708-725.

Lonfat, M., Rogers, R.F., Marchok, T., & Marks, F.D. (2007). A parametric model for predicting hurricane landfall.
      Monthly Weather Review, 135(9), 3086-3097.

Marchok, T.P., Rogers, R.F., & Tuleya, R.E. (2007). Validation schemes for tropical cyclone quantitative
      precipitation forecasts: evaluation of operational models for U.S. landfalling cases. Weather and
      Forecasting, 22
(4), 726-746.

Moyer, A.C., Evans, J.L., & Powell, M.D. (2007). Comparison of observed gale radius statistics. Meteorology
     and Atmospheric Physics, 97
(1-4), 41-55.

Schmid, C., Molinari, R.L., Sabina, R., Daneshzadeh, Y.H., Xia, X., Forteza, E., et al. (2007). The real-time data
      management system for Argo profiling float observations. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology,
(9), 1608-1628.

Tory, K.J., Davidson, N.E., & Montgomery, M.T. (2007). Prediction and diagnosis of tropical cyclone formation in
      a NWP system, Part III: diagnosis of developing and nondeveloping storms. Journal of the Atmospheric
      Sciences, 64
(9), 3195-3213.

Uhlhorn, E.W., Black, P.G., Franklin, J.L., Goodberlet, M., Carswell, J., & Goldstein, A.S. (2007). Hurricane
     surface wind measurements from an operational Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer. Monthly
      Weather Review, 135
(9), 3070-3085.

Wang, C., Lee, S.K., & Enfield, D.B. (2007). Impact of the Atlantic warm pool on the summer climate of the
     western hemisphere. Journal of Climate, 20(20), 5021-5040.

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