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Library Resources on Oil Spills
Marine Data Visualization Tools
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NOAA Deep Water Horizon
Oil Spills and Hurricanes
Guide to Law Online: US Federal

Featured Resources


Library Resources on Oil Spills- As the nationís experts on oceanic and atmospheric science, the lead science agency for oil spills and the nation's steward for our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes. NOAA has been on the scene from day one, providing coordinated scientific, weather and biological information and products when and where they are needed most.

Marine Data Visualization Tools Software tools for the graphic visualization of marine and coastal data, including mapping and high-level decision-making and/or event response tools based on resource display models).

Nature Geoscience - Provides electronic acccess to technical reports and memos written by scientists/researchers of the Atlantic Oceanographic Meteorological Laboratory (AOML).

NOAA Deep Water Horizon - This Bibliography has been prepared as an aid for those seeking information concerning the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and information on previous spills and associated remedial actions. Various media products (web, video, printed and online documents) have been selected from resources available via the online NOAA Library and Information Network Catalog (NOAALINC).

Oil Spills and Hurricanes -This searchable bibliography is intended to provide citations and abstracts to scholarly journal articles and conference presentations on the topic of Oil Spills and Hurricanes. Publication dates range from 1979 to 2009.

Guide to Law Online: US Federal -Through an agreement with the Library of Congress, the publisher William S. Hein & Co., Inc. has generously allowed the Law Library of Congress offers free online access to historical U.S. legal materials from HeinOnline.

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