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Conference table and a Jack Coggins painting of the NOAA ship DISCOVERER (August 1972). The painting of the NOAA ship DISCOVERER by Jack Coggins is on the wall behind the conference table.


Stewart’s secretary, Carol Wolverton, and part of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey memorabilia (August 1972). The conference table is to the left.


Stewart’s secretary, Carol Wolverton, in Stewart’s office (August 1972). The folded triangular pennant at upper center is stored in the AOML Archive.  


Jack Kofoed (far left) and Carol Wolverton in Stewart’s office, the “nerve center” of AOML construction activities (August 1972).

A series of photographs of Harris B. Stewart’s office prior to the move to the new building in Virginia Key can be found in one of the Stewart family photo albums. Some of the memorabilia was displayed in Stewart’s AOML office and some pieces are part of the AOML Archive.


Trucks loading Harris B. Stewart office material during moving day (August 1972).


Arrival of one of the moving trucks at the loding ramp in front of the building with the contents of Stewart’s office at AOML (August 1972).

The move from the ESSA office at 901 S. Miami Ave. to Virginia Key was scheduled for the end of the first week of August 1972.  Jack Kofoed, Jack Egland and Carol Wolverton wanted Stewart away from the office during the move so his family rented an RV and spent several days at Disneyworld in Central Florida. Everything was packed and moved to AOML.


The small sitting area in Harris B. Stewart’s office in the fifth floor (December 1972). View is towards the north. A small glass coffee table was centered around a set of chairs. Stewart’s desk was on the opposite side of the sitting area.

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